Dynastic dysfunction: are family firms too hot to handle?

Personal Finance Fri 28 Mar, AT 16:52

Investors often shy away from family companies, but some see promise in their grounded management style

Vice News: a distinctive voice but will it be heard?

Fri 14 Mar, AT 09:01 Holden Frith

The founder of Vice, Shane Smith, wants to build 'the next CNN'. Ambitious - but he might just do it

Wendi Deng's 'crush' on Tony Blair: 'He has such good body'

News Wed 5 Feb, AT 14:24

Vanity Fair publishes passionate note said to have been written by Murdoch's then wife

Charles Laurence

Rupert Murdoch: hall of fame or den of infamy?

Tue 28 Jan, AT 10:34 Charles Laurence

Jude Law's claim that his phone was hacked on US soil haunts Murdoch as he prepares for TV honour

Rupert Murdoch and Tony Blair

Murdoch at war with Blair over 'encounters' with Wendi Deng

Talking Point Mon 25 Nov, AT 11:00

Sources say mogul's ex-wife had 'multiple encounters' with ex-PM, but claims 'untrue', says Blair camp

Wendi Deng gets $44m penthouse in divorce from Rupert Murdoch

One-Minute Read Thu 21 Nov, AT 10:25

Media tycoon is on the market again, but will he 'leap' into a fourth marriage?


Rebekah Brooks trial clashes with press regs announcement

Tue 15 Oct, AT 11:40 The Mole

'Everyone innocent until proven guilty' says Murdoch; try telling that to Chris Jeffries, say detractors

Chris Huhne

Huhne blames 'aggressive' Murdoch press for downfall

First Reaction Mon 9 Sep, AT 11:06

Disgraced former MP says he was targeted after calling for re-opening of inquiry into phone hacking

Murdoch faces tough divorce as Deng switches lawyers

First Post Tue 30 Jul, AT 13:36

Wendi hires estate specialist William Zabel, as Murdoch braces himself for more legal problems


Truth about Charles Saatchi and the woman at his table

Mon 15 Jul, AT 07:52 Nigel Horne

Saatchi returns to Scott's fish restaurant and the People orders the red herring, writes Nigel Horne