Rupert Murdoch

News of the World; Rupert Murdoch; Andy Coulson; Rebekah Wade

News of the World phone bugging claim

Thu 9 Jul, AT 10:15

Rupert Murdoch's News Group paid victims £1m out of court to keep the practice quiet, says the Guardian

News of the World; Rupert Murdoch; Andy Coulson; Rebekah Wade

Andy Coulson ‘will have to go over phone tapping’

Thu 9 Jul, AT 09:36

The Mole: David Cameron says he is ‘relaxed’ about the Coulson affair – but he won’t be for long, says our Westminster insider

MySpace axes more workers

Wed 24 Jun, AT 11:33

The social networking site plans to slash two-thirds of its worldwide employees outside the US

Rebekah Wade; The Sun

Rebekah Wade steps up

Wed 24 Jun, AT 09:07

Rupert Murdoch promotes his ‘Sun’ editor to one of the British media’s most powerful executive positions

Murdoch leaves PM swinging in wind

Wed 20 May, AT 11:45

The Mole: Meanwhile Gordon Brown writes to Labour Party members apologising for the MPs’ behaviour, says our Westminster insider

Rupert Murdoch

News Corp to charge for newspaper websites

Thu 7 May, AT 09:19

Readers of the media group’s titles on the internet will be forced to pay for the service within the year, Rupert Murdoch indicates

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck: the latest blowhard on Fox News

Mon 6 Apr, AT 01:00
Charles Laurence

The rabble-rousing presenter has finally stopped comparing Obama to Stalin on his popular TV show. Now it’s Hitler instead

Rupert Murdoch: muck, brass and business savvy

Thu 18 Dec, AT 00:00

This biography claims Murdoch is no pornographer, but Godfrey Hodgson knows the tycoon won’t stand for ‘upmarket shit’ either