Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch
16 Oct, 2012

Facing investor backlash, feisty Rupert Murdoch tweets 'take your profits and sell' if you don't like it

15 Oct, 2012

Media mogul also rounds on 'scumbag' celebrities and castigates the BBC ahead of crucial AGM

10 Oct, 2012

Singer holds talks with PM over media regulation and is 'comforted' by outcome

25 Sep, 2012

City financier plans a lavish temple for his pampered poultry with locally quarried sandstone and a British oak frieze

20 Sep, 2012

Damning personal attack by media watchdog 'stains' Murdoch Jr's career chances

26 Aug, 2012

Media baron intervened personally, telling Sun to publish naked shots of prince in Las Vegas

24 Aug, 2012

For once a Murdoch has kind words for the BBC: Rupert’s girl lays down her News Corp marker

15 Aug, 2012

Outgoing BBC boss is to become CEO of the New York Times, rival to Murdoch's Wall Street Journal

15 Aug, 2012

Romney's running mate is more Dick Cheney than Sarah Palin, but the result will probably be the same