Russell Brand

06 Nov, 2013

Comedian joins protesters as fireworks reportedly fired at Buckingham Palace and energy bills burned

Russell Brand on Newsnight
25 Oct, 2013

'How come I feel so cross with you?' comedian asks Paxman, as he calls for a revolution on Newsnight

Russell Brand
10 Oct, 2013

Russell Brand's new stand-up show about society's heroes makes his audience giggle a lot and think a little

21 Jun, 2013

Russell Brand tells off TV hosts, James Gandolfini is remembered on Sesame Street, and Ron Burgundy returns

06 Dec, 2012

As long as Oasis's members stay slim and don't go bald, a reunion is on the cards says Noel Gallagher

12 Nov, 2012

Is the BBC too big to be manageable? Channel 4's output is just as highly rated and it is more adept at avoiding pitfalls

28 Aug, 2012

Tabloid Tales: The comic and Spice Girl, the Essex 'lion' and what minicab-drivers have to listen to

13 Aug, 2012

But the crowd gave Olympic volunteers a bigger cheer than Russell Brand miming on a camper van

12 Aug, 2012

From the Sunday papers: from Olympic swimmer's post-retirement acting plans to Fifty Shades's lazy readers

09 Aug, 2012

Spoiler alert: here’s a round-up of the performances rumoured to mark the end of Olympics 2012