Russell Brand

Russell Brand at Secret Policeman's Ball
09 Mar, 2012

The American comics are slick, while the Brits are on hilariously filthy form

Katy Perry and Russell Brand
09 Feb, 2012

Russell Brand declines Katy Perry's millions as she signs divorce papers with a heart and smiley face

15 Jan, 2012

It must be true – it's in the Sunday papers: from Katy Perry's love for her ex to India's human safari shame

Chris Evans
03 Jun, 2011

Compliance culture at the Beeb is a ‘complete pain in the backside’

21 Apr, 2011

Film of the week: Greta Gerwig is the one bright spot in this insipid remake

Helen Mirren and Russell Brand in Arthur
12 Apr, 2011

Times subscribers offered special preview of the worst comedy in ages

07 Apr, 2011

US film critics get personal as they castigate Brand’s remake of Dudley Moore comedy

15 Feb, 2011

Mr Katy Perry sends up ‘extremely British’ gangster films in new sketch for Saturday Night Live (with video)

russell brand katy perry
10 Feb, 2011

Life & Style says Perry and Russell Brand are already 'living separate lives'