Russell Brand’s bad-boy rocker woos US critics

News Thu 24 Jun, AT 11:29

Film of the week: Brand ‘brilliant’ and ‘seductive’ in Get Him to the Greek

Russell Brand Katy Perry

Sachsgate ‘mayhem’ was over-reaction says Brand

News Wed 9 Jun, AT 08:06

‘It’s like you knock over a glass of water and the wife comes down and shoots the dog’ says comedian

Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand

Russell Brand ‘to appear in final Jonathan Ross show’

News Tue 18 May, AT 10:30

Jonathan Ross plans outrageous BBC exit by asking phone prank partner on to chat show

Russell Brand Katy Perry

Russell Brand advocates: give teen pop stars heroin

News Fri 16 Apr, AT 09:02

It’s the only way to ‘weed out’ the teenyboppers destroying music, says comedian

Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand

Jonathan Ross and BBC divorce: who left whom?

News Thu 7 Jan, AT 17:23

Ross’s love affair with BBC hits the rocks as Brand gets engaged to Katy Perry