Russia elections

27 Feb, 2012

Pro-government TV station reports arrests of three accused of planning next president's murder

Mikhail Gorbachev
16 Feb, 2012

Last president of the Soviet Union warns Putin to learn from Margaret Thatcher's mistake

10 Jan, 2012

Pro-Kremlin activists try to discredit opposition campaigner using doctored photograph

15 Dec, 2011

Russian PM disparages protesters in call-in show, and tells of his love of Kipling

14 Dec, 2011

Russian Speaker scapegoated for Putin’s failings; magazine chiefs get boot for ballot-rigging story

13 Dec, 2011

Billionaire stands for president, but some say it’s all just a Kremlin plot to assuage protesters

08 Dec, 2011

Rogue tweet comes as thousands of Russians vow to protest against alleged electoral fraud

07 Dec, 2011

Charismatic anti-corruption campaigner jailed in Moscow poses Russian strongman a serious threat

05 Dec, 2011

Voting share somehow hits 146 per cent in one province yet Medvedev hails 'democracy in action'