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12 Jan, 2015

The 'free gift from nature' caused by a powerful Baltic storm prompted a rush into freezing water

Moscow traffic
One-Minute Read
09 Jan, 2015

Transsexuality, fetishism and pathological gambling listed as mental disorders that make driving dangerous

The rouble
One-Minute Read
17 Dec, 2014

Analysts fear effect will be temporary after a wild ride for the rouble forces Apple to halt Russian sales

Leader of French far-right Front National (FN) party Marine Le Pen
One-Minute Read
25 Nov, 2014

Russia has also reportedly lent money to Greece’s neofascist Golden Dawn, Italy’s Northern League and other anti-Europe parties

Sepp Blatter Fifa 2018 World Cup
13 Nov, 2014

Report fails to finds enough evidence of corruption to strip Gulf state of 2022 tournament

Vladimir Putin
15 Dec, 2014

As political tensions create instability, investors should make sure their portfolios are able to cope with nasty surprises

Russia World Cup 2018 logo
30 Oct, 2014

The Sputnik inspired emblem has 'magic windows' - but not everyone is impressed

Lewis Hamilton, Vladimir Putin, Russian Grand Prix
13 Oct, 2014

British driver wins ninth race of the season but politics overshadows tributes to Bianchi

Kim Jong-un
News Feed
04 Jun, 2015

North Koreans risk their lives to stand up and say Kim Jong-un 'sucks' and is 'even worse than his father'

The Mole
05 Sep, 2014

William Hague makes it clear that prior approval from Parliament would not be necessary