The Mole
05 Sep, 2014

William Hague makes it clear that prior approval from Parliament would not be necessary

29 Aug, 2014

A pointed tweet claims Crimea for Russia and leaves eastern Ukraine 'conveniently unillustrated'

Russia is introducing a 'full embargo' on most food imports from EU, US, and other Western countries
07 Aug, 2014

Putin retaliates in the latest round of the trade war, but knock-on effects will be felt in Russia too

The wreckage of a rocket lies on a street in Luhansk
18 Aug, 2014

Ukraine forces and pro-Russian rebels blame each other for attack outside eastern city of Luhansk

A column of Russian T-90 tanks rolls through Red Square
31 Jul, 2014

UK defence watchdog says major overhaul is required to defend against cyber-warfare and 'irregular militias'

Robert Fox
30 Jul, 2014

Sanctions that tip Russia into recession only pile the pressure on Putin to grab what he can in Ukraine

A pro-Russian separatist at the MH17 crash-site in Ukraine
29 Jul, 2014

European Union due to agree new sanctions after downing of flight MH17 and fighting in Ukraine

29 Jul, 2014

New measures risk a return to Cold War relations while some ask: why no action over Gaza crisis?

A Russian solider near a truck with missiles
29 Jul, 2014

Obama accuses Russia of breaking Cold War test treaty with cruise missile launch

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev
23 Jul, 2014

Russia says US and EU sanctions are 'absolutely unacceptable' and warns of reprisals