Arctice Sea

Secret cargo theory in hunt for missing Arctic Sea

News Fri 14 Aug, AT 08:35

Russian maritime bulletin editor raises possibility that a ‘dangerous’ cargo was loaded in Kaliningrad


Putin unveils his ‘vigorous torso’ on holiday

News Wed 5 Aug, AT 14:14

Russian prime minister strips off during a Siberian mini-break to reinforce his reputation a a pin-up

Joaquim Crima Russian politics Volgograd Obama

The Volgograd Obama leads the way for Russia's blacks

News Tue 4 Aug, AT 17:03

Non-Russians face an uphill struggle in a country where ultranationalism is on the rise and 'foreigners' regarded with suspicion

Book review: Stalin’s Nemesis

News Fri 17 Jul, AT 13:26

Non-fiction: A fascinating insight into the Mexican exile of Leon Trotsky and the weeks leading up to his murder by a Stalinist agent