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Yuri Luzhkov

Mayor of Moscow slams Abramovich ‘self-interest’

Fri 6 Nov, AT 13:50

Roman Abramovich’s purchase of Chelsea was ‘patronage for one’s own profit’, says billionaire’s husband

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson

Ferguson charged over Wiley fitness comments

Tue 20 Oct, AT 08:14

And a bad day gets worse as five Man United regulars miss Champions League trip to Moscow

Two German cargo ships navigate the Northeast Passage

The Northeast Passage - the next Suez Crisis?

Wed 23 Sep, AT 17:35

Climate change could open up the Northeast Passage and link European consumers to booming Asian markets. It could also give Russia the means to blackmail the West

Dasha Zhukova; Roman Abramovich

‘Anti-paparazzi’ device fitted to Abramovich yacht

Mon 21 Sep, AT 07:35

‘Laser shield’ will prevent photographers snapping Roman and Dasha aboard their luxury vessel