Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry: 'anti-gay Russia should lose Winter Games'

First Post Thu 8 Aug, AT 08:07

Putin 'is making scapegoats of gay people, just as Hitler did Jews. He can't be allowed to get away with it'

Guilty verdict no surprise for Putin enemy Alexei Navalny

One-Minute Read Thu 18 Jul, AT 09:11

Anti-corruption lawyer resigned to his fate: 'Only one man in the end dictates the law – Putin'

Edward Snowden: 'I would volunteer for prison'

One-Minute Read Wed 13 Aug, AT 14:49

Wrapped in the American flag, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says he still holds out hope of returning to the US

Russia can end Syria crisis, says Ehud Barak

Talking Point Fri 31 May, AT 12:38

Putin must lead transition to post-Assad regime but there will be a price, says former Israeli PM

Syria's Assad threatens Israel with Russian S300 missiles

First Reaction Fri 31 May, AT 08:57

Fears that delivery of new weapons to Syria could spark new war and shift the balance of power

Israel air strikes prompt US and Russia to seek Syria deal

First Reaction Wed 8 May, AT 09:27

Pledge of peace talks driven by fears that push to remove Assad regime is destabilising the region


British firms accused of Russian laundering

One-Minute Read Mon 29 Apr, AT 13:34

'We don’t want Britain to become a playground for these gangsters, let alone a battleground for violence'

Berezovsky was found with 'ligature' around his neck

One-Minute Read Thu 28 Mar, AT 12:40

Inquest told Russian oligarch's death was 'consistent with hanging' but tests continue

Berezovsky 'hanged', but few Russians mourn 'cunning' exile

Talking Point Tue 26 Mar, AT 09:40

Post-mortem suggests 67-year-old took his own life but friends insist he would not have committed suicide