White killer whale video is a first for science

Video Mon 23 Apr, AT 16:05

Russian scientists make discovery after spotting giant two-metre fin emerging from North Pacific

Mystery surrounds Canary Wharf shooting of Russian banker

One-Minute Read Sun 25 Mar, AT 13:42

Who shot German Gorbuntsov, why did they want him dead – and who was the blonde?

Woolly mammoth

Disgraced Korean scientist plans to clone mammoth

One-Minute Read Wed 14 Mar, AT 14:57

Hwang Woo-Suk, once accused of fakery, aims to recreate woolly mammoth with elephant's help

MPs vote for sanctions on Russians over Magnitsky death

First Post Thu 8 Mar, AT 14:39

Russians responsible for human rights abuses should not be able to 'buy up property in Knightsbridge' says MP

Vladimir Putin

Tears and trickery: three ways Putin cheated to win 64 per cent

Summary Mon 5 Mar, AT 10:15

Vladimir Putin faces new round of protests as reports of electoral fraud flood in

Putin assassination plot shows regime is running out of ideas

Talking Point Tue 28 Feb, AT 11:19

Putin looks set to win Russia’s presidential election easily, so why the bizarre PR stunt?

Mikhail Gorbachev

Gorbachev: Putin must reform or be kicked out by protesters

One-Minute Read Thu 16 Feb, AT 14:43

Last president of the Soviet Union warns Putin to learn from Margaret Thatcher's mistake