26 Mar, 2013

British Gas signed a £10bn deal that will reduce our dependence on Russia and Qatar for energy.

25 Mar, 2013

Russians and wealthy Cypriots angry over last-minute deal that raids holdings worth more than €100,000

23 Jan, 2013

One-year-old hurled from car into the path of lorry manages to survive

31 Dec, 2012

Amateur cameraman captures the horrific moment a Russian jet collides with a motorway bridge

Fans of Zenit St Petersburg
18 Dec, 2012

Russian supporters say lack of black players is 'important tradition' and attack Arsenal

29 Nov, 2012

Real Madrid boss is world's best paid football manager according to list that suggests reputation doesn't always translate into cash

22 Oct, 2012

Deal has been struck that gets BP out of difficult relationship with AAR oligarchs

Cameron at the UN
27 Sep, 2012

Prime Minister says inaction over Syrian bloodshed will leave ‘terrible stain’ on UN’s reputation

06 Sep, 2012

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's both. Russian president in another action man stunt