Ryan Gosling

19 Jun, 2015

From The Wolf of Wall Street and The Interview to Ryan Gosling's Oscar-nominated role in Half Nelson

Nicole Kidman in Grace of Monaco
21 May, 2014

Ryan Gosling's Lost River is panned, while Nicole Kidman has critics 'curling up' in embarrassment

01 Aug, 2013

They didn't like it at Cannes - and they don't like it now, though Kristin Scott Thomas makes a fabulous evil mother

23 May, 2013

From the wonderful folks who gave you 'Drive' comes 'a sickening pornography of violence'

10 May, 2013

Ryan Gosling refuses to eat his cereal, an American hero gets the auto-tune treatment and a dog dances

12 Apr, 2013

Ryan Gosling battles Bradley Cooper in compelling crime drama by Blue Valentine director

10 Jan, 2013

Sean Penn keeps cops busy in retro crime drama; Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's chemistry 'scorches'

07 Jan, 2013

British screenwriter promises a 'raunchy' movie but dodges questions about casting

30 Nov, 2012

Universal Studios sues Los Angeles company that made a 'rip-off' of EL James's erotic trilogy

Bridesmaids Oscars snub
24 Jan, 2012

Academy Awards voters seem to be out of touch with what film audiences see as the top movies