Justin King
One-Minute Read
29 Jan, 2014

King will stand down at AGM in July after a decade at the top, but has yet to reveal his next move

News Hub
08 Jan, 2014

Supermarkets report record sales for the Christmas period, with winners at both ends of the market

One-Minute Read
30 Oct, 2013

Tesco's campaign does not take quality and ethical sourcing into account, claims Sainsbury's

One-Minute Read
13 Jun, 2013

Chief executive wants to 'level the playing field' between high street and internet retailers

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11 Jun, 2013

Charlie Bigham is banned from licking food off a knife or eating hot chillies under the new agreement

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06 Jun, 2013

Boost takes supermarket chief executive's salary up to £4.27m - and he could earn even more this year

One-Minute Read
17 May, 2013

Grocer to make first foray into online world - but how will Waitrose react to Ocado's deal with its rival?

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08 May, 2013

Supermarket's sales rise amid 'challenging' conditions as analysts praise CEO for 'keeping things simple'

Marks & Spencer
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18 Mar, 2013

Gulf state planning swoop for British high street giant - but others have tried and failed before

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14 Mar, 2013

Supermarket giant follows Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda onto the web after first profit drop in six years