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Sally Bercow

Celebrity Big Brother: lord have mercy on our souls

Fri 19 Aug, AT 11:27

Channel 5 revamp is even more low-rent than expected as cast of nobodies assembles

Amy Childs

Desmond: No humiliation on Celebrity Big Brother

Tue 16 Aug, AT 16:08

Channel 5 boss puts new series of Celebrity Big Brother at centre of channel’s strategy, promises clean fun

John and Sally Bercow

Sally Bercow ‘to go on Celebrity Big Brother’

Fri 5 Aug, AT 14:22

Big Brother appearance would put even more pressure on her husband, Commons Speaker John Bercow

Sally Bercow defiant after bedsheet photoshoot

Fri 4 Feb, AT 13:10

Racy interview and photo have Tories sharpening their knives for the Commons Speaker and his wife