Salman Rushdie

08 Apr, 2015

Rushdie posts critical reviews on social media book group, thinking that his ratings would be private

Narendra Modi
16 May, 2014

Supporters hail India's first 'lower caste' prime minister, but critics warn of Modi's autocratic tendencies

02 May, 2014

Legendary agent will be missed by some of world's best novelists – McEwan, Ishiguro, Kenneally et al

07 Dec, 2012

Salman Rushdie calls author a 'patsy' as he compares censorship to airport security

17 Sep, 2012

Ayatollah reinstates 1989 death sentence and raises bounty on novelist's head to $3.3m

10 Sep, 2012

Salman Rushdie's new screenplay offers 'a vibrant journey, but not a terribly illuminating one'

06 Sep, 2012

Tabloid tales: Baron Cohen makes Rushdie fatwa joke, Cruise’s diva demands, fake Bond sparks police hunt

Salman Rushdie
27 Jun, 2012

Fatwa against The Satanic Verses author is made into a game to 'educate' Iran's next generation

Christopher Hitchens
25 Apr, 2012

Friends had expected his last book, Arguably, to be a shoo-in for the political writing award