Samantha Cameron

David Cameron

Where’s a kick-boxing Sam Cam when you need her?

Wed 20 Jul, AT 09:46
The Mole

Back in London, Cameron faces grim headlines as the crisis gets closes in on Downing Street

Samantha Cameron Downing Street Flat

Papers get personal over contents of Cameron’s flat

Thu 26 May, AT 14:34

Informal picture of Michelle Obama in the Camerons’ flat lifts the lid on life in Downing St

Samantha Cameron

Big Society video comes back to haunt Sam Cam

Thu 17 Feb, AT 16:45
Venetia Rainey

Labour council closes Big Society centre Samantha Cameron raved about at general election

Samantha Cameron

Sam Cameron’s personal assistant now on payroll

Fri 5 Nov, AT 12:21

Camerons ‘as sensitive as Wayne Rooney’ as another ‘vanity appointment’ is revealed

Samantha and David Cameron on holiday in Cornwall

Samantha Cameron has baby girl in Cornwall

Tue 24 Aug, AT 16:03

PM’s new daughter arrives a month early during Camerons’ Cornwall trip

David Cameron moves house

Camerons finally move into Downing Street

Thu 27 May, AT 15:33

PM and his family will live above No 11 – once the new kitchen is fitted