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same-sex marriage

gay marriage

Same-sex couples to marry at the stroke of midnight

Talking Point
Fri 28 Mar, AT 14:42

A 'significant milestone' in the fight for equality, but opinion remains divided

Archbishop's new sympathy for gay people 'a bit rich'

First Reaction
Thu 29 Aug, AT 15:05

Justin Welby tells Christians to 'repent' over the way gay and lesbian people have been treated

Prime Minister plans to 'export' same-sex marriage

One-Minute Read
Thu 25 Jul, AT 12:01

David Cameron proud to legalise gay marriage but insists there is 'still a lot more work to be done'

Gay marriage

MPs to approve gay marriage bill after Tory revolt fails

One-Minute Read
Tue 21 May, AT 09:52

Labour proposal saves same-sex marriage bill but Tory opponents vow to continue fight in Lords

Same-sex pairings 'stunning', says new Archbishop Welby

One-Minute Read
Thu 21 Mar, AT 09:04

As Justin Welby is enthroned at Canterbury, he praises 'stunning' quality of some gay relationships

What marriage means to Clare Balding and Alice Arnold

One-Minute Read
Wed 6 Feb, AT 14:06

'David Cameron will not be vilified for this defining moment,' says Arnold – 'he will be celebrated'

Gay marriage protest shows France plagued by self-doubt

First Post
Mon 14 Jan, AT 14:42

The majority of protesters were white, bourgeois and unable to accept that France must change

Shrink the state: Cameron and Clegg complete Thatcher's task

Point of View
Thu 10 Jan, AT 08:03

Privatising the probation service is not about cutting the deficit – it's a purely ideological coalition move


Queen must zip her lips for today's Cabinet meeting

Tue 18 Dec, AT 09:40
The Mole

She might be tempted to speak out on gay marriage and Leveson - but risks a constitutional crisis if she does