Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy A5
20 Mar, 2015

The Galaxy A5 doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a flagship smartphone, but it’s a good low cost alternative

06 Mar, 2015

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a 'flagship phone that finally feels like a flagship', reviewers say

Samsung Galaxy S6
03 Feb, 2015

Eagerly-awaited new incarnation of smartphone is widely expected to feature a curved screen

18 Aug, 2014

The new smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Alpha, is the first to feature a metal iPhone-style frame

31 Jan, 2013

Ailing Canadian smartphone manufacturer has one last throw of the dice

25 Jan, 2013

Galaxy smartphones power Samsung growth – but company still puts a ceiling on capital spending

16 Jan, 2013

By March, more than third of Britons will own a tablet computer, according to YouGov survey

15 Jan, 2013

Is the iPhone 5 really that much of a flop? Some analysts believe share price drop is 'overdone'

24 Oct, 2012

The new device is the equal of its rivals, so why is it so much more expensive?

Samsung Galaxy Tab
10 Jul, 2012

Judge rules that Samsung Galaxy Tab does not look too similar to iPad because it is 'not as cool'