Apple and Samsung handsets
31 Mar, 2014

If Apple wins, experts say that the cost may be passed on to Samsung's customers

24 Feb, 2014

Reviewers unmoved by new design, features and operating system for Samsung's Gear 2 smartwatch

24 Feb, 2014

Ultra-cheap Mozilla handset could 'dramatically extend global reach' of smartphones

17 Sep, 2013

Launch of own-brand device, complete with digital shopping app, expected on Monday

05 Sep, 2013

Korean company boss says it'll become a fashion icon worldwide, but some critics say it's just too retro

03 Sep, 2013

Both have struggled to compete in the smartphone market but deal could help them take on Apple

28 Aug, 2013

Launch will begin 'wearable technology' war as Apple, Google and Microsoft prepare for battle

24 Jul, 2013

Good iPhone sales offer comfort to investors as Apple shares rise in after-hours trading

18 Jul, 2013

A new report says rival smartphones are damaging Apple's iPhone sales

24 Apr, 2013

Company no longer 'king of the heap' as profits go from 'WTF to OMG' with no new products coming