Sandi Toksvig

Stephen Fry

BBC 'needs more gay hosts and less homophobia'

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Fri 14 Dec, AT 14:25

Study produced for BBC says drama, news and even children's TV needs more homosexual content

Dave Lee Travis 'put hand up teen's skirt' on Radio 1 show

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Mon 15 Oct, AT 14:38

DLT denies claims that he fondled two women as Savile is accused of abusing 9-year-old cub scout

Sandi Toksvig

How Sandi Toksvig started a C-word storm at the Mail

Mon 6 Jun, AT 11:53

BBC exec in the Kensington doghouse after judging that 'delight' at joke would outweigh offence caused

Victoria Wood

Victoria Wood attacks BBC comedy

Tue 9 Jun, AT 18:40

Comedian hits out at the Beeb’s roster of overly competitive, male-dominated panel shows