Republican senate candidate Joni Ernst

Joni Ernst: is this pig-castrating gun-lover the new Sarah Palin?

Profile Tue 20 May, AT 15:03

Republican senate candidate Joni Ernst is a 'Mama Grizzly' who wants to make Washington 'squeal'

Martin Bashir

Martin Bashir quits over s*** in Sarah Palin's mouth attack

Video Thu 5 Dec, AT 09:10

Broadcaster resigns from MSNBC after suggesting someone should defecate in former governor's mouth - video

Chris Kyle, America's deadliest military sniper, shot dead

First Reaction Mon 4 Feb, AT 10:04

Speculation the Navy Seal sniper was killed at Texas rifle range by former Marine with PTSD


The best man for the job of US president is currently a woman

Opinion digest Fri 21 Sep, AT 11:51

Opinion Digest: time for a female US president, the right to offend online and why history needs facts


Louise Mensch: Republicans have missed their chance to win

Opinion digest Fri 7 Sep, AT 11:49

Opinion digest: The Republicans won't beat Obama, and shale gas - the green option for Britain

Paul Ryan: 'almost perfect' for one per centers, Murdoch included

Wed 15 Aug, AT 07:55 Charles Laurence

Romney's running mate is more Dick Cheney than Sarah Palin, but the result will probably be the same

Obama camp likens Romney VP pick Paul Ryan to Sarah Palin

First Post Mon 13 Aug, AT 16:06

Wisconsin Congressman has given Republicans a fillip, but will he help the campaign?

Russell Brand on Sarah Palin: 'People want to f*** her'

The Tabloids Tue 31 Jul, AT 11:17

Red top tales: Comedian explains why Palin is popular; Angelina Jolie 'eyes up' Fifty Shades role

US and UK journalists take delight in RomneyShambles

Media Watch Fri 27 Jul, AT 11:12

'MittHitsTheFan' on Twitter as David Cameron refers to Mitt Romney's 'middle of nowhere' home state

Sarah Palin

Why Romney has to invite Palin to the Republican convention

Thu 19 Jul, AT 07:18 Charles Laurence

Sarah Palin will overshadow Romney with her charisma, but the Mama Grizzly has the power to ignite the 'base'