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Diana death: No 'credible evidence' SAS was involved

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Tue 17 Dec, AT 08:58

Preliminary investigation by Met finds no basis to suggestion elite unit 'killed' royal after Paris crash

Diana 'SAS murder conspiracy': why is Met taking it seriously?

Mon 19 Aug, AT 07:37

Police under fire for basing inquiry on hearsay of 'erratic' soldier who claimed SAS were behind her death

Heatwave linked to deaths of soldiers in Brecon Beacons

One-Minute Read
Mon 15 Jul, AT 12:14

MOD investigating if high temperatures caused death of men in 'full kit' taking part in SAS exercise

Bloodbath in the Algerian desert: what was kidnapping all about?

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Thu 17 Jan, AT 14:20

Six questions answered about the hostage crisis and the al-Qaeda-linked Islamists behind the siege

Crispin Black

In Skyfall, James Bond is no longer a spook – he's a vigilante

Fri 2 Nov, AT 08:38
Crispin Black

What would The Week's resident intelligence analyst make of Skyfall? Read before his article self-destructs

Special Boat Service

Meet the SBS: one man strangled nine Germans with his bare hands

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Fri 9 Mar, AT 15:01

Like the SAS, the tough-as-nails Royal Marines section dates back to Winston Churchill's day

The SAS in North Africa in 1942, Libya

Benghazi cock-up: fourth time unlucky for the SAS

Tue 8 Mar, AT 18:06

If only William Hague knew his history: you don't send the SAS to Benghazi