The Satanic Verses

John le Carré and Salman Rushdie end 23-year feud

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Mon 12 Nov, AT 13:14

'Pompous ass' Le Carré and 'self-righteous' Rushdie regret falling out over The Satanic Verses

Iran reissues fatwa on Salman Rushdie as film protests spread

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Mon 17 Sep, AT 09:00

Ayatollah reinstates 1989 death sentence and raises bounty on novelist's head to $3.3m

Critics see too much Rushdie in Midnight's Children film

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Mon 10 Sep, AT 13:10

Salman Rushdie's new screenplay offers 'a vibrant journey, but not a terribly illuminating one'

Salman Rushdie

Iranian video gamers given chance to 'kill' Salman Rushdie

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Wed 27 Jun, AT 15:34

Fatwa against The Satanic Verses author is made into a game to 'educate' Iran's next generation