Saturday Night Live

Bill Murray with camera
19 Feb, 2015

Saturday Night Live’s most famous alumni on acting, free time and Cinnabons.

Leonardo Di Caprio and Jonah Hill
27 Jan, 2014

Wolf of Wall Street star surprises host Hill, before the bromantic pair recreate iconic 'I'm flying' scene

17 Dec, 2013

South African who waved his hands 'aimlessly' behind US president at Mandela memorial inspires a skit

14 Jan, 2013

They weren't as edgy as Ricky Gervais, but the new Golden Globes hosts were funny and entertaining

16 Oct, 2012

Three years was enough for The Office star: now can Saturday Night Live duo make Globes entertaining?

12 Dec, 2011

Singer hosts Saturday Night Live, but her East End accent is even worse than husband Russell Brand's

15 Feb, 2011

Mr Katy Perry sends up ‘extremely British’ gangster films in new sketch for Saturday Night Live (with video)

Anne Hathaway as Kate Middleton SNL
22 Nov, 2010

‘You think you can just show up here and do a bit of queening?’ asks Her Majesty in Saturday Night Live spoof