Saudi Arabia

Iranian nuclear enrichment facility

Saudi Arabia threatens to match Iran's nuclear capabilities

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Thu 14 May, AT 15:48

'Whatever the Iranians have, we will have, too,' Saudi prince warns ahead of impending nuclear deal

The new king of Saudia Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz

Saudi royal reshuffle a 'political earthquake of huge magnitude'

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Wed 29 Apr, AT 11:42

King Salman has changed the line of succession by appointing his nephew as crown prince of Saudi Arabia

Yemen crisis: Saudi Arabia announces temporary ceasefire

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Thu 7 May, AT 14:52

Fighting will stop for five days to allow charities to distribute aid if Houthi rebels agree to the deal

Saudi Arabia: woman given 70 lashes over WhatsApp insult

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Tue 17 Mar, AT 14:31

The woman has also been ordered to pay a hefty fine for 'tarnishing the reputation' of a Saudi man

Swedish Foreign minister Margot Wallström

Sweden v Saudi Arabia: the escalating political row

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Wed 11 Mar, AT 15:13

Saudi ambassador recalled and arms deal cancelled after female MP is banned from talking at event

Saudi cleric 'proves' the Earth does not rotate – video

Wed 18 Feb, AT 14:03

Footage shows Sheikh al-Khaibari using a cup to explain to university students why Galileo was wrong

Yemen crisis: who are the rebel groups and why are they fighting?

Thu 26 Mar, AT 12:38

Local rebel groups are fighting for control of a country that could become the battleground for a wider war

Protesters simulating a flogging scene in front of the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC

Anger as UK bids for Saudi prison contract

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Tue 27 Jan, AT 13:54

Amnesty International says decision lends 'British stamp of approval' to Saudi Arabia's human rights record

The new king of Saudia Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz

King Salman: what do we know about new Saudi Arabian leader?

Fri 23 Jan, AT 11:17

The 79-year-old faces 'exceptional new challenges' as he takes over from the late King Abdullah

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia's 'cautious reformer', dies at 90

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Fri 23 Jan, AT 09:08

Prince Charles and US Vice President Joe Biden expected to visit Saudi Arabia to pay their respects