The Queen at a garden party in Balmoral, Scotland
One-Minute Read
24 Jun, 2015

Holyrood will keep money for itself rather than pay it to Treasury, claims Buckingham Palace source

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne
One-Minute Read
14 May, 2015

Chancellor offers greater powers to cities that agree to be governed by a directly elected mayor

Danny Alexander
One-Minute Read
08 May, 2015

Surge of Scottish Nationalist support may unseat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander

'Loch Ness monster'
21 Apr, 2015

Loch Ness monster enthusiasts can search for Nessie using new 360-degree Street View images

News Hub
06 May, 2015

Scottish nationalists want to scrap Trident, reduce university tuition fees and block welfare cuts

12 months of wind, rain and wild weather
One-Minute Read
09 Jan, 2015

Scotland faces widespread disruption as winds of up to 140mph leave thousands of homes without power

Nicola Sturgeon and David Cameron composite
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15 May, 2015

The two leaders were expected to clash, but the SNP leader says talks were 'constructive'

Scottish voters in a pub
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18 Sep, 2014

Several Scottish pubs will be opening late, while television channels are providing rolling coverage

25 Jul, 2014

BBC2's unexpected hit series reveals just how much Edinburgh and London have in common

One-Minute Read
29 Mar, 2014

The UK wants to keep Trident in Scotland. Edinburgh wants a currency union. Is this the basis of a deal?