Scotland Yard

Police cordon off a crime scene

Woman's body discovered in suitcase in London canal

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Mon 11 May, AT 16:02

Couple 'in a state' after discovering dead body wrapped in sheets and placed in floating suitcase

Scotland Yard - headquarters of the Metropolitan Police

Paedophile ring: police investigate three child murders

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Thu 18 Dec, AT 15:18

Officers investigating alleged 1970s 'VIP paedophile ring' appeal for information on Pimlico estate popular with MPs

Scotland Yard - headquarters of the Metropolitan Police

Tory MP 'strangled young boy to death', claims abuse victim

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Mon 17 Nov, AT 10:27

Police investigating three alleged murders linked to Westminster paedophile ring 30 years ago

Scotland Yard - headquarters of the Metropolitan Police

Police reveal 'possible murder' linked to child abuse inquiry

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Fri 14 Nov, AT 13:54

Detectives investigating alleged historic child abuse given information about 'possible homicide'

Scotland Yard

Future crimes: Scotland Yard tests 'violence prediction' software

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Fri 31 Oct, AT 10:27

System analyses intelligence from social networks and past offences to forecast who will commit crimes in the future

Arnis Zalkalns

Alice Gross: why Zalkalns would have faced murder charge

Tue 27 Jan, AT 12:48

Evidence linking Arnis Zalkalns to the death of 14-year-old Alice Gross revealed by Scotland Yard

Met police cadets on parade

Officer 'taken off child abuse case' after MP list revelation

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Wed 16 Jul, AT 10:07

Former Met detective believes his 1998 inquiry into abuse was 'all too uncomfortable to a lot of people'

Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell

Plebgate officer 'boasted of toppling the Tory government'

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Wed 21 May, AT 11:43

Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell wants Scotland Yard to release the details of internal investigation

Scotland Yard policing its own officers with 'culture of fear'

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Fri 4 Apr, AT 08:43

Report hears that figure fiddling is 'rife' in London as Met Police officers chase performance targets

Madeleine McCann: phone probe 'could be key' to case

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Fri 4 Oct, AT 09:54

New information and 'targeted' trawl through mobile phone data raises hopes of breakthrough