Sean Penn

Sean Penn/The Gunman

The Gunman: Sean Penn and the rise of the ageing action star

Deja Vu
Fri 20 Mar, AT 12:36

A new political action thriller sees the Oscar-winning actor join Hollywood's swelling ranks of middle-aged marauders

Chavez to be embalmed 'like Lenin' after Evita-style funeral

Fri 8 Mar, AT 10:31

Sean Penn and Oliver Stone expected to join world leaders in Caracas for 'vast, clamorous' funeral

Gangster Squad: high-octane pulp fun with an all-star cast

Hot Ticket
Thu 10 Jan, AT 07:35

Sean Penn keeps cops busy in retro crime drama; Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's chemistry 'scorches'

Sean Penn

Falklands: after Sean Penn, the experts have their say

One-Minute Read
Thu 1 Mar, AT 12:43

Geopolitics prof explains Falklands issue is 'vastly more complicated than Penn might imagine'

Give Falklands to Argentina, says Pink Floyd star Waters

One-Minute Read
Wed 29 Feb, AT 11:16

Rock star wades into Falklands controversy as Buenos Aires calls for ban on UK imports

Sean Penn

Sean Penn attacks 'corrupt' UK press over Falklands scorn

One-Minute Read
Fri 24 Feb, AT 10:59

Actor pans UK for its support of Chilean dictator and 'intimidating' Prince William deployment

Sean Penn says UK should not have sent William to Falklands

First Post
Wed 15 Feb, AT 13:08

Actor winds up Brits again - but now he faces call to hand back his Malibu estate to Mexico

Sean Penn

Penn accuses UK of 'ridiculous colonialism' over Falklands

First Post
Tue 14 Feb, AT 09:39

Sean Penn offers his support to Argentina - in return, it seems, for aid to Haiti

Fair Game: real-life spy drama by Bourne director

Thu 10 Mar, AT 07:30

Film of the Week: A reminder that before Bradley Manning, the Bush administration exposed a US spy