23 Jul, 2013

Marine park company issues angry response as killer whale film 'Blackfish' is released - video

03 Dec, 2012

Family video catches SeaWorld dolphin leaping up and biting girl’s hand during feeding time

02 May, 2012

Red top tales: Tulisa Contostavlos claims FHM top spot, Brits fined for stealing Sea World penguin

Tillikum - killer whale
06 Feb, 2012

Conservationist warns that move by animal rights group to free SeaWorld Five is a 'strategic error'

29 Oct, 2011

There was a time when animals did have rights – they even came to court dressed in human clothes

27 Oct, 2011

Animal rights group uses anti slavery law in bid to take on SeaWorld marine parks

Killer orca Tillikum Sea World
30 Mar, 2011

Killer whale who drowned his trainer is back for ‘socially and mentally enriching’ shows

Killer orca Tillikum Sea World
25 Feb, 2010

Tillikum, the SeaWorld killer, was involved in two previous deaths