Film defending orca Tilikum sends SeaWorld into a fury

First Reaction
Tue 23 Jul, AT 16:12

Marine park company issues angry response as killer whale film 'Blackfish' is released - video

Dolphin bites eight-year-old girl at SeaWorld - video

Mon 3 Dec, AT 12:50

Family video catches SeaWorld dolphin leaping up and biting girl’s hand during feeding time

Tulisa sex tape no obstacle to FHM 'sexiest woman of the year' win

The Tabloids
Wed 2 May, AT 13:07

Red top tales: Tulisa Contostavlos claims FHM top spot, Brits fined for stealing Sea World penguin

Tillikum - killer whale

Is Peta's bid to free killer whales in Tillikum's interest?

First Post
Mon 6 Feb, AT 15:25

Conservationist warns that move by animal rights group to free SeaWorld Five is a 'strategic error'

Tillikum the slave whale deserves his day in court

Sat 29 Oct, AT 09:22
Alexander Cockburn

There was a time when animals did have rights – they even came to court dressed in human clothes

Peta attacked for 'insulting' lawsuit for 'slave' whales

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Thu 27 Oct, AT 17:12

Animal rights group uses anti slavery law in bid to take on SeaWorld marine parks

Killer orca Tillikum Sea World

SeaWorld killer Tillikum performs in public again

Wed 30 Mar, AT 15:20

Killer whale who drowned his trainer is back for ‘socially and mentally enriching’ shows

Killer orca Tillikum Sea World

Not first time SeaWorld killer whale has killed

Thu 25 Feb, AT 10:13

Tillikum, the SeaWorld killer, was involved in two previous deaths