Segolene Royal

02 Apr, 2014

Hatchets are buried, the musical chairs resume, and there's even talk that Julie Gayet will soon be gone

08 Feb, 2013

France's first lady 'like a modern-day Marie Antoinette' as she attends haute couture shows in Paris

11 Oct, 2012

New book claims French First Lady carried on two affairs at the same time while she was married

Valerie Trierweiler, Francois Hollande companion
21 Jun, 2012

French first lady apologises after expressing support for Segolene Royal's rival in recent election

Segolene Royal
18 Jun, 2012

President Hollande's ex, Segolene Royal, fails in bid to become MP, but French voters back anti-austerity Socialists

Valerie Trierweiler v Segolene Royal
12 Jun, 2012

French president's girlfriend undermines his ex-partner with election tweet

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem
15 May, 2012

Can the new French President really assemble a Cabinet that is 50 per cent female?

Valerie Trierweiler, Francois Hollande companion
07 May, 2012

Francois Hollande's 'companion' will make headlines like Bruni - but for different reasons