Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter Fifa

Fifa corruption: what is going on and what happens next?

Fri 29 May, AT 15:11

The FBI and Swiss probes explained, and what it means for the embattled Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter Fifa 2018 World Cup

Fifa arrests: sponsors turn on Blatter... except Gazprom

One-Minute Read
Thu 28 May, AT 13:01

Fifa's financial partners get the jitters over corruption claims, but Vladimir Putin backs Sepp Blatter

Figo: Fifa is a 'dictatorship' and election 'shames' football

One-Minute Read
Fri 22 May, AT 09:50

Portuguese legend quits race against Blatter as he slams 'devils who are compared to Jesus'

FIFA President Sepp Blatter in Brazil

England weighs World Cup bid – but only if Blatter goes

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Wed 25 Mar, AT 08:21

Fifa president Sepp Blatter is an implacable obstacle, but if he is replaced England may bid for 2026 tournament

Sepp Blatter

Fifa confirms pre-Christmas World Cup Final

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Fri 20 Mar, AT 08:42

Tournament will clash with Champions League group stage and may be trimmed to 28 days

Sepp Blatter Fifa

Sponsors quit Fifa: has scandal made it commercially 'toxic'?

First Reaction
Fri 23 Jan, AT 09:53

Football's governing body lost five backers last year as campaigners call for change at the top

David Ginola

David Ginola to stand against Blatter at Fifa - is he serious?

Fri 16 Jan, AT 11:58

French winger announces intention to dethrone Blatter, but support of Paddy Power raises questions

FIFA President Blatter

Groundhog Day for 'Orwellian' Fifa as the bombs rain down

Talking Point
Thu 18 Dec, AT 13:32

Garcia's resignation would shred the credibility of any organisation other than 'wretched' Fifa

Michael Garcia

Blatter's Fifa party wrecked as ethics investigator Garcia quits

One-Minute Read
Thu 18 Dec, AT 09:39

The man tasked with cleaning up Fifa walks away from football and its lack of principles