Serena Williams

Andy Murray

The intelligent punter's guide to Wimbledon 2014

Mon 23 Jun, AT 09:01

Should you bet on Andy Murray do it again? At 4-1, they're not bad odds

Roger Federer orange shoes

Roger Federer's orange shoes banned from Wimbledon

First Reaction
Wed 26 Jun, AT 12:41

Fashion icon champion falls foul of all-white dress code after donning footwear with orange sole

Serena Williams 'sorry' for rape remark in Rolling Stone article

First Reaction
Thu 20 Jun, AT 11:44

Wimbledon champion appeared to blame victim of attack and took a swipe at Sharapova

Andy Murray, Australian Open

Ruthless Murray 'eviscerates' Chardy in Australian Open

First Reaction
Wed 23 Jan, AT 11:06

Scot finally finds his form to send Frenchman packing and send out warning to his rivals

Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake

Olympics: day-by-day guide to the unmissable events

Fri 27 Jul, AT 07:27

If you don’t have the time or inclination to watch hour after hour, these are likely to be the key moments

Bristol Palin blasts Obama over gay marriage - and Glee

The Tabloids
Fri 11 May, AT 12:24

Red top tales: Sarah Palin's daughter wades into gay row and Serena Williams writes a rap song

Serena Williams

Williams is finally sorry for US Open outburst

Tue 13 Sep, AT 15:36

The American is privately regretful, according to sources – was a miniscule $2,000 fine the trigger?

Serena Williams

Furious rant from Williams sours US Open final defeat

Mon 12 Sep, AT 11:23

Serena calls umpire a ‘hater’ and ‘unattractive inside’ after losing a point - with video