Amanda Rosenberg 'went to same school as Kate & Pippa'

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Google employee 'romantically involved' with Sergey Brin was brought up in UK and went to Marlborough

Google boss Sergey Brin 'dating employee'

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Silicon Valley love triangle: Billionaire co-founder splits from Anne Wojcicki and hooks up with co-worker

What does a lab-grown burger taste like? Not that juicy

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Google billionaire Sergey Brin revealed as financier behind experiment to 'grow' beef from cells

Does Google Glass signal 'the end of privacy as we know it?'

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As the web-enabled glasses begin testing in public, experts fret over their impact on society

Sergey Brin ridiculed for saying mobile phones 'emasculating'

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But how can the 'geek' behind Google's Android OS tell people what is manly and what isn't?

Google Glass video shows how smart glasses will work

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Company offers glasses to volunteers to help with development - but they still cost £1,500

Sergey Brin tests high-tech Google Glass on subway

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He's worth $20.5bn – so why is Google's co-founder riding the New York subway looking like an assassin?

Sunday papers

Cameron and Google founders plan to mine space with robots

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From the Sunday papers: from billionaires mining asteroids to latest Cowell sex claim

Larry Page Sergey Brin

Google profits soar as Page and Brin tighten their grip

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'Share-split' will bring in new investors while ensuring founders stay in control of company

Sergey Brin Google

Google shuts down China service and redirects to HK

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Google’s Sergey Brin tells why he took a stand against ‘totalitarianism’