Sex Pistols

BBC says it has a duty to play 'Ding Dong' song - but does it?

Fri 12 Apr, AT 12:05
Richard Jinman

Broadcaster's argument for playing anti-Thatcher song contradicts its history of censorship

Noel Gallagher: if Stone Roses can reform, so can Oasis

One-Minute Read
Thu 6 Dec, AT 09:42

As long as Oasis's members stay slim and don't go bald, a reunion is on the cards says Noel Gallagher

What to expect at the Olympics closing ceremony on Sunday

Thu 9 Aug, AT 12:15

Spoiler alert: here’s a round-up of the performances rumoured to mark the end of Olympics 2012

London – The Modern Babylon

Julien Temple doc celebrates London - the Modern Babylon

Hot Ticket
Mon 6 Aug, AT 07:48

Great Rock and Roll Swindle director creates a giddy kaleidoscope of London with a rocking score

John Lydon and Louise Mensch on BBC Question Time

John Lydon's 'spiteful' Question Time debut backfires on BBC

First Post
Fri 6 Jul, AT 12:45

Sex Pistols frontman's persistent interruptions and bizarre contributions likened to a 'ranting drunk'

Johnny Lydon aka Johnny Rotten

John Lydon: Anarchy is for bullies

One-Minute Read
Fri 1 Jun, AT 14:15

Sex Pistols' ex-frontman also claims that God Save the Queen was not an anti-Jubilee anthem

Lady Gaga fears badly aligned planets could jinx world tour

The Tabloids
Mon 16 Apr, AT 12:27

Red top tales: Worried Gaga calls in astrologers, lustful Simon Cowell regrets engagement

Johnny Rotten aka John Lydon

Johnny Rotten: ‘I’ve never hated the Queen’

Tue 30 Nov, AT 10:39

The Queen is the latest royal to benefit from the former Sex Pistol’s new-found tolerance

Ari Up

The Slits’ front woman Ari Up dies at 48

Thu 21 Oct, AT 12:19

John Lydon announces death of his visionary step-daughter