Sharia law

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10 Jun, 2015

The kingdom is considering allowing women to travel alone, but their daily lives remain severely restricted

The flag of IS flutters on the 'dome' of a Syrian Christian Church
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09 Jun, 2014

Militants behead and rape victims, yet stage 'fun days' for residents of their self-declared caliphate

Birmingham mosque
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19 Jul, 2014

Inquiry into 'Trojan Horse' allegation finds extremism in 13 schools

Iranian man spared from execution
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17 Apr, 2014

Execution stopped at the last minute by murder victim's mother, who slaps killer then forgives him

Old Bailey
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26 Mar, 2014

Sharia law's critics say it discriminates against women, but supporters claim it poses no threat to British justice

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14 Jan, 2014

Lawyers argued man would face persecution for renouncing his faith if he returned to his homeland

18 Jul, 2013

Fans take Cisse's side as Muslim beliefs prevent him from donning pay-day loan sponsor's shirt

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18 Feb, 2013

Is capture of seven foreigners the latest example of extremists flexing their muscle in north Africa?

01 Feb, 2013

Some lawyers claim landmark ruling Jewish couple's split could pave the way for Sharia divorces in UK

23 Jan, 2013

Muslims react with horror to footage of men harassing the public in the name of Islam