Shinzo Abe

Can Tokyo really afford to host the 2020 Olympic Games?

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Mon 9 Sep, AT 09:57

Japanese PM accused of wasting public money better spent on post-tsunami reconstruction

Yen, Japan

Japan exports soar by most from 2010 as yen weakens

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Wed 19 Jun, AT 12:45

The increase in exports provides a boost to prime minister Shinzo Abe's economy revival plan

Kim Jong Un nuclear threats

N Korea tells Seoul to draw up evacuation plans ahead of 'war'

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Tue 9 Apr, AT 13:06

Pyongyang issues another threat as Kim Jong-un outed as former cast member of the musical Grease

Shinzo Abe leads Japan again: does it spell trouble with China?

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Mon 17 Dec, AT 11:17

Abe is back as prime minister and some fear what his hard-line patriotism will mean for Asia