Simon Cowell

Zach de la Rocha and Tom Morello
17 Dec, 2009

Simon Cowell says X-Factor has done us all a favour - as an ungrateful public backs Rage Against the Machine for Christmas number one

Simon Cowell
15 Dec, 2009

But does the pop mogul really grasp the finer points of British politics?

Joe McElderry
14 Dec, 2009

X Factor winner Joe McElderry takes on social networking group’s bid to make Rage Against the Machine the Christmas number one

Simon Cowell and Philip Green
02 Dec, 2009

With network TV revenues falling, the two entrepreneurs pin hopes on the internet

Sting; X Factor
12 Nov, 2009

The Police frontman claims the popular ITV show has put British music back decades

Simon Cowell
02 Oct, 2009

Simon Cowell’s public letter to his younger ‘idiot’ self reveals not much has changed

25 Jun, 2009

A business union between Simon Cowell and Sir Philip Green could see the pair take on powerful media players such as Sony BMG

Judy Craymer Mamma Mia!
24 Apr, 2009

...while Girls Aloud singer - and ‘world’s sexiest woman’ - Cheryl Cole makes her first appearance

Susan Boyle
20 Apr, 2009

Unassuming yet quietly confident, the astonishing rise by the Scottish singing spinster is a tale of two egos, says Coline Covington