Simon Cowell

22 Jan, 2012

It must be true – it's in the Sunday papers: from the Middletons' Mustique security lockdown to Walliams's Cowell put-downs

11 Dec, 2011

It must be true – it's in the Sunday Papers: From Zara Phillips's husband forgiven to Clarkson's 'gagging'

Simon Cowell Gary Barlow
11 Oct, 2011

The ‘massive twist’ may be a mistake, but The X Factor without Simon Cowell is better than ever

Simon Cowell and Mezhgan Hussainy
08 Sep, 2011

‘Shock jock’ Howard Stern makes X Factor creator squirm during radio interview

Gordon Brown
17 Jun, 2011

Johnny Dee: ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ star is the subject of a musical - proving once and for all, Britain’s Gone Mad

Simon Cowell
03 Jun, 2011

Rumours about Simon Cowell’s show are all over the tabloids a day before its finale

Dannii Minogue
16 May, 2011

The intrigue and drama have begun months in advance of the new series as judge quits the show

Simon Cowell
21 Apr, 2011

The show will better without the high- trousered Priest of Pop

Christina Aguilera on X Factor
21 Apr, 2011

Ofcom says paper used ‘overly graphic’ photos of Rihanna and Aguilera’s dance routines at X Factor final

simon cowell michelle young
12 Apr, 2011

Woman ignores divorce court judge’s warning to be careful what she says about Simon Cowell and Philip Green