Simon Cowell

George Michael
16 Dec, 2010

First Cheryl Cole now George Michael is said to be destined for Simon Cowell’s US show

Cheryl Cole
30 Nov, 2010

Papers claim Cheryl Cole has been offered US role despite questions over suitability

Simon Cowell Cheryl Cole
10 Nov, 2010

ITV talent show hogs the headlines once again thanks to yet another ‘controversy’

04 Nov, 2010

The tabloid assault on X Factor’s Wagner is in full swing - and Cowell needs all the help he can get

29 Oct, 2010

Johnny Dee: It’s Rage Against the Machine mark 2 – but this time it mustn’t be allowed to work

Gamu Nhengu
10 Oct, 2010

X Factor reject could not come back as wild card as immigration status in doubt

Gamu Nhengu
06 Oct, 2010

Axed from X Factor, booted out of Britain: UK authorities say Gamu Nhengu's visa has run out

Simon Cowell Cheryl Cole
17 Sep, 2010

Johnny Dee on Cheryl’s decision to quit the UK and become a judge on the American X Factor

Simon Cowell with Leona Lewis
07 Sep, 2010

Simon Cowell happy to say ‘bye bye’ to British shows as he launches US X Factor

07 Sep, 2010

Video: The performance of two teenagers, which descends into violence, has had 3m hits