Sir Martin Sorrell

25 Mar, 2013

'You don't do this when a whole nation is angry about rape' say activists after appearance of Ford Figo ads

24 Jan, 2013

55 top bosses sign letter praising PM's stance – but others fear uncertainty will harm economy

Vince Cable
20 Jun, 2012

Shareholders will get a binding vote on executive pay every three years, but stricter reforms are dropped

Martin Sorrell
13 Jun, 2012

CEO had robustly defended his pay and says controversy over performance bonus is 'deeply disturbing'

Fernando Zylberberg
09 May, 2012

Argentina red-faced as hockey player who caused outrage looks unlikely to take part in London 2012

Occupy Boardroom
03 May, 2012

Aviva and UBS investors are the latest to put their foot down over low returns and high executive pay