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Sir Richard Branson

Virgin Money float could bolster public purse

One-Minute Read
Thu 13 Jun, AT 11:10

British taxpayers could receive multi-million pound windfall following group’s stock market listing

Rupert Murdoch's Sky could face serious rival in Liberty Global

One-Minute Read
Tue 5 Feb, AT 09:57

Billionaire tycoon John Malone's company in takeover talks with Virgin media

Virgin Atlantic name could be history

Mon 10 Dec, AT 09:00

Head of BA predicts Virgin Atlantic name will be scrapped

Branson and O’Toole take rail franchise fight to Westminster

Business Digest
Mon 10 Sep, AT 16:06

Virgin and FirstGroup will argue their positions over the West Coast mainline franchise

West Coast bids: Virgin's more 'deliverable' than First Group's

One-Minute Read
Fri 17 Aug, AT 12:39

Feedback shows government marked Sir Richard Branson's Virgin bid higher on two key aspects

Swine flu; Heathrow

Business leaders attack coalition for dithering over Heathrow

One-Minute Read
Thu 12 Jul, AT 08:04

Trade union leader joins forces with business chiefs to warn of 'pressing need' for decision