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Ultrafast aluminium battery can charge phone in a minute

One-Minute Read
Tue 7 Apr, AT 13:51

Scientists invent a safer and more environmentally friendly battery that can bend in your hand

Where to get the best iPhone 6 deal

Personal Finance
Wed 24 Sep, AT 15:31

If you are thinking about getting the latest iPhone, buying one outside of a contract may be the cheapest way to go

iPhone 6 Lightning cable 'to end USB frustration'

One-Minute Read
Fri 22 Aug, AT 12:26

Leaked images and patent filings suggest the iPhone 6 will come with a double-sided USB cable

Amazon Fire smartphone

Mobile news: readers on the rise but where's the revenue?

Thu 10 Jul, AT 09:40
Holden Frith

It's a story of missing clicks as social networking changes how we access news on the run

Boeing to sell hack-proof self-destructing smartphone

One-Minute Read
Thu 27 Feb, AT 14:49

Security-focused Boeing Black smartphone is sealed with epoxy resin and wipes data if tampered with

Real reason why Yahoo blew $30m on teen's Summly app

One-Minute Read
Wed 10 Apr, AT 14:51

Deal had more to do with the app's technology than the talents of its teenage creator, Nick D'Aloisio

Galaxy S4: 'best ever' Android phone takes fight to Apple

First Reaction
Fri 15 Mar, AT 09:36

Samsung puts on glitzy New York event to say 'we're not playing Pepsi to Apple's Coca-Cola'

Has Google 'taken over' from Apple on Wall Street?

One-Minute Read
Tue 5 Mar, AT 11:22

Search giant's shares soar as Apple's sour, despite warm words from Warren Buffett

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook: will phone or search engine launch help recovery?

Tue 15 Jan, AT 14:59

Six possible announcements from Mark Zuckerberg at tonight's Facebook launch

Best of CES 2013: intelligent cutlery and 85-inch TV sets

Tue 8 Jan, AT 14:43

Highlights from the annual technology fair which has got underway in Las Vegas