Boeing to sell hack-proof self-destructing smartphone

One-Minute Read Thu 27 Feb, AT 14:49

Security-focused Boeing Black smartphone is sealed with epoxy resin and wipes data if tampered with

Real reason why Yahoo blew $30m on teen's Summly app

One-Minute Read Wed 10 Apr, AT 14:51

Deal had more to do with the app's technology than the talents of its teenage creator, Nick D'Aloisio

Galaxy S4: 'best ever' Android phone takes fight to Apple

First Reaction Fri 15 Mar, AT 09:36

Samsung puts on glitzy New York event to say 'we're not playing Pepsi to Apple's Coca-Cola'

Has Google 'taken over' from Apple on Wall Street?

One-Minute Read Tue 5 Mar, AT 11:22

Search giant's shares soar as Apple's sour, despite warm words from Warren Buffett

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook: will phone or search engine launch help recovery?

Summary Tue 15 Jan, AT 14:59

Six possible announcements from Mark Zuckerberg at tonight's Facebook launch

Best of CES 2013: intelligent cutlery and 85-inch TV sets

Summary Tue 8 Jan, AT 14:43

Highlights from the annual technology fair which has got underway in Las Vegas


iPhone 5 reviews: a design classic, despite spec flaws

Talking Point Wed 19 Sep, AT 09:43

Friendly critics drool over 'arguably the most beautiful object Apple has ever produced'

Apple steals Nokia's thunder with iPhone 5 launch event

First Post Wed 5 Sep, AT 19:58

Apple expected to win back a huge chunk of smartphone market with new device


BB10 launch delayed as losses at BlackBerry pass $500m

One-Minute Read Fri 29 Jun, AT 09:14

Canadian smartphone inventor nears 'breaking point' as 5,000 job cuts are announced

Barclaycard PayTag

Can Barclaycard succeed where Google has failed with PayTag?

First Post Thu 19 Apr, AT 10:23

Stick-on contactless credit card is a jerry-rigged alternative to Google Wallet