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UK weather - rain

Snow falls in May as UK faces another summer washout

Talking Point
Wed 15 May, AT 16:04

Just like 2012, the jet stream is threatening to ruin the summer - is global warming to blame?

Britain gears up for first white Easter in five years

One-Minute Read
Mon 25 Mar, AT 15:52

Cold weather may last until end of April, but then we could have a heatwave

Britain braced for weekend of snow as winter bites back

One-Minute Read
Fri 8 Feb, AT 13:43

But things will be worse in America as major winter storm bears down on New York and Boston

Headteachers 'too quick to close schools because of snow'

Talking Point
Tue 22 Jan, AT 10:25

Where's our British bulldog spirit asks prep school head determined to keep classes running

Bidean Nam Bian, Glencoe

Prayers after four killed by 'windslab' avalanche in Glencoe

One-Minute Read
Sun 20 Jan, AT 12:38

Climbers died when an 'artificial cliff' of snow gave way below them