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Facebook app on smartphone

Facebook blackout silences social network – for 20mins

One-Minute Read
Thu 19 Jun, AT 09:49

Longest Facebook blackout 'in recent history' sends users flooding onto Twitter

 Instagram logo displayed on a smartphone

Which social media sites won't let you #freethenipple?

Tue 3 Jun, AT 15:27

Instagram has strict rules on nudity – but not all social media sites are so puritanical

Joey Barton of Queens Park Rangers

Joey Barton's best and worst tweets

Fri 30 May, AT 13:16

QPR footballer Joey Barton apologises on Twitter for describing Ukip as the best of 'four really ugly girls'

Google search engine in China

China purges web porn - but is it an attack on free speech?

One-Minute Read
Tue 22 Apr, AT 13:00

Western observers say crackdown on obscene material masks broader online repression

Turkey tries to ban YouTube after Syria leak – will it work?

One-Minute Read
Fri 28 Mar, AT 13:46

Turkey's attempt to stop people using video-sharing website YouTube are doomed to fail, analysts say


Facebook: How will it fare in the next ten years?

First Reaction
Tue 4 Feb, AT 15:21

As Facebook celebrates its tenth birthday, questions are being asked: will it continue to soar – or fall by the wayside?

Digital property: can you bequeath your iTunes library?

Personal Finance
Fri 31 Jan, AT 14:24

The laws surrounding online assets are 'very grey', but growing number of lawsuits is set to change that

The top 10 social media fails of 2013

Tue 24 Dec, AT 10:30

The worst mistakes committed by companies, celebs and politicians and what we learnt from them

Computer Hacker

DPP says rude, shocking tweets shouldn't be prosecuted

One-Minute Read
Fri 21 Jun, AT 12:38

New social media guidelines urge freedom of speech, but damaging 'trolls' may still end up in court

Unicef attacks Facebook 'likes' and says charities need cash

Talking Point
Fri 3 May, AT 15:00

'Slacktivists' under fire in ad campaign that demands donations, not social media support