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Ello: what you need to know about the 'anti-Facebook' social network

Fri 26 Sep, AT 15:02

Fast-growing new site Ello promises 'beauty, simplicity and transparency' – and no advertising

Ten technology companies to watch out for in 2013

Mon 7 Jan, AT 15:50

Which start-ups will make it big this year and can web dinosaurs like MySpace be revived?

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Facebook 'immoral' for paying tiny UK tax on £20m revenues

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Thu 11 Oct, AT 10:12

MP says social network 'benefits enormously' from UK's broadband infrastructure and should pay up

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Facebook hits a billion users - but second billion will be harder

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Fri 5 Oct, AT 08:01

Mark Zuckerberg faces challenge of growing in emerging markets and making as much money out of users as Google

Facebook shares plunge amid rumours of privacy breach

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Tue 25 Sep, AT 12:26

The social network saw its market value cut by a tenth after reports of private messages appearing for public view

Winklevoss twins back with social network for hedge funders

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Mon 17 Sep, AT 13:34

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss reunite with Harvard social network collaborator Divya Narendra

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Facebook phone rumour returns, but should Apple or Google worry?

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Mon 28 May, AT 15:14

New York Times claims that social network has recruited former software and hardware engineers from Apple

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Facebook IPO: profit fall puts $100bn valuation in doubt

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Tue 24 Apr, AT 08:38

Fall in profits and revenues a 'disaster', raising question: has Facebook waited too long to float ?

Friends Reunited

Are nostalgic memories enough to save Friends Reunited?

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Tue 27 Mar, AT 14:35

Relaunch could crack the middle-aged market – but some say the site should admit defeat