social networking

03 Dec, 2012

Catholic Church leader has opened a Twitter account, but he won't be firing off messages from his Blackberry

18 May, 2012

Social network is testing a new feature that lets users pay £1 to promote their updates in friends' feeds

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
01 Feb, 2012

As Mark Zuckerberg prepares to take his company public there are fears it could be a damp squib

13 Jul, 2011

It’s still a long way behind Facebook, but researcher says a million a day may have joined new Google network

29 Jun, 2011

Google’s new social network, launched today, boasts a host of innovative features

12 Apr, 2011

Back from the dead – site that was sold for $850m in 2008 and two years later was worth only $10m

Lily Allen Lucy in Disguise
09 Mar, 2011

Singer-turned-fashion-designer takes to Twitter to slam media for twisting her words

16 Dec, 2010

Cash injection from venture captialists allows the site to concentrate on becoming a money making business

19 Oct, 2010

Video: Twitter, YouTube and Pedobear: Koreans warn of a horrific online future for kids
18 Feb, 2010

A new site is asking just how much information we should share online