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Pope takes to Twitter, but the Papal account won't be banal

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Mon 3 Dec, AT 12:32

Catholic Church leader has opened a Twitter account, but he won't be firing off messages from his Blackberry


Facebook tests Highlight, a feature more embarrassing than porn

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Fri 18 May, AT 11:58

Social network is testing a new feature that lets users pay £1 to promote their updates in friends' feeds

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Facebook IPO: is social network really worth $100bn?

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Wed 1 Feb, AT 15:51

As Mark Zuckerberg prepares to take his company public there are fears it could be a damp squib


Google+ might have topped 10m users in just 10 days

Wed 13 Jul, AT 13:48

It’s still a long way behind Facebook, but researcher says a million a day may have joined new Google network


Is Google+ good enough to take on Facebook?

Wed 29 Jun, AT 16:55

Google’s new social network, launched today, boasts a host of innovative features


Forgotten social network site Bebo relaunches

Tue 12 Apr, AT 16:59

Back from the dead – site that was sold for $850m in 2008 and two years later was worth only $10m