South Africa

One-Minute Read
25 Jun, 2015

Government officials may face criminal charges for failing to arrest Sudan's president for war crimes

Egypt women protesters
In Depth
10 Jun, 2015

The invasive tests are a gross violation of women's rights but are still openly carried out in many societies

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19 May, 2015

From Johannesburg to Cape Town, 'huge problem' of book theft crosses all race and class boundaries

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28 Apr, 2015

Witnesses at the scene said Andrew Chimboza had flesh in his teeth and dry blood on his mouth

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27 Apr, 2015

'Diplomatic tit-for tat' intensifies as Pretoria issues strongly worded statement criticising Nigeria

Xenophobic violence in South Africa
In Depth
18 May, 2015

Xenophobic rioting led to eight deaths last month, but South Africa's problems go back decades

A white lion
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12 Mar, 2015

Wealthy hunters pay a premium to shoot 'Frankenstein freaks of nature' like white lions and golden gnus

11 Mar, 2015

Thieves 'brazenly ignore' cameras to steal mobile phones and laptops from journalists in Johannesburg

Eugene De Kock
30 Jan, 2015

The parole of South Africa's death squad commander Eugene de Kock is dividing a nation

07 Nov, 2014

Anni Dewani was killed just weeks after marrying Shrien Dewani in a fairytale Hindu ceremony