South Africa

The Bible and self-help books favoured by South African thieves

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Tue 19 May, AT 14:56

From Johannesburg to Cape Town, 'huge problem' of book theft crosses all race and class boundaries

Man who 'cut out victim's heart and ate it' faces sentencing

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Tue 28 Apr, AT 16:26

Witnesses at the scene said Andrew Chimboza had flesh in his teeth and dry blood on his mouth

South Africa and Nigeria clash over xenophobic violence

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Mon 27 Apr, AT 15:03

'Diplomatic tit-for tat' intensifies as Pretoria issues strongly worded statement criticising Nigeria

Xenophobic violence in South Africa

South African xenophobia: why is there so much hatred of foreigners?

Mon 18 May, AT 14:50

Xenophobic rioting led to eight deaths last month, but South Africa's problems go back decades

A white lion

'Mutant' animals being bred for hunters to kill in South Africa

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Thu 12 Mar, AT 13:21

Wealthy hunters pay a premium to shoot 'Frankenstein freaks of nature' like white lions and golden gnus

South African journalists mugged on camera – video

Wed 11 Mar, AT 15:46

Thieves 'brazenly ignore' cameras to steal mobile phones and laptops from journalists in Johannesburg

Eugene De Kock

Eugene de Kock: why is 'Prime Evil' being released from jail?

Fri 30 Jan, AT 15:01

The parole of South Africa's death squad commander Eugene de Kock is dividing a nation

Anni Dewani: the 'dream girl' murdered on her honeymoon

Fri 7 Nov, AT 15:09

Anni Dewani was killed just weeks after marrying Shrien Dewani in a fairytale Hindu ceremony

Africa's growing population

Jobs, security, investment: Africa’s next billion

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Tue 16 Sep, AT 07:42

By 2050, Africa’s population will hit 2.4 billion. What effect will this have and what opportunities will it present for your business?

Marikana massacre: South Africans left waiting for answers

Fri 15 Aug, AT 15:47

Two years after 34 people died at the British-owned Marikana mine, an inquiry seems no closer to the truth