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South Africa

The Pistorius defence: fear of crime - or is it really racism?

Tue 15 Apr, AT 09:14
The Conversation

White South Africans fear violent crime – but it occurs in townships not gated communities, says Pierre de Vos

Oscar Pistorius trial: five best people to follow on Twitter

One-Minute Read
Mon 14 Apr, AT 13:29

Twitter is awash with Oscar Pistorius news. Here's who to follow for the best news and analysis

Brazil star Neymar saves pitch invader in South Africa - video

Thu 6 Mar, AT 15:28

Lost child is hoisted aloft like the World Cup as Brazil players take pity on him

Oscar pistorius trial

Oscar Pistorius: South African interpreters slip up again

First Reaction
Tue 4 Mar, AT 13:13

Dubious translations in Pretoria court compared with Nelson Mandela memorial service fiasco

Oscar Pistorius

Brand Pistorius: rise and fall of a marketing phenomenon

Mon 3 Mar, AT 09:19
The Conversation

'Blade Runner' ticked all the boxes as a marketing tool, says Simon Chadwick. Except he was human

Falling emerging markets: do experts think it's time to buy?

Personal Finance
Fri 7 Feb, AT 16:03

It's been a bad start to 2014 as 'Fragile Five' spread contagion, and there could be more gloom to come

Nek-no-minate: binge drinking craze spawns offshoots - video

Thu 6 Feb, AT 13:18

From horse-riding in Tesco to charity in South Africa: internet challenges Neknominate

Charlize Theron reminds us of a shameful episode in our history

Wed 11 Dec, AT 09:30
Crispin Black

Some of the excesses of the apartheid era derived from British military tactics against the Boers

Obama finds his voice with a magnificent tribute to Mandela

Tue 10 Dec, AT 15:54
Annalisa Barbieri

Too many leaders claim solidarity with Mandela's struggle, but don't tolerate dissent, says US president

Nelson Mandela news

Mandela's memorial a 'security headache' for South Africa

One-Minute Read
Mon 9 Dec, AT 09:40

Public is free to turn up at huge event attended by 50 world leaders and a host of celebrities