South Africa

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman: why it's wrong to hate US lion killer

Talking Point
Thu 21 Nov, AT 11:15

Global condemnation of US hunter is 'sexist' and misplaced say South African commentators

Nelson Mandela biopic premieres in South Africa

First Reaction
Mon 4 Nov, AT 12:37

‘Emotional’ film starring Idris Elba has audience in tears, but critics express doubts

Shrien Dewani

Shrien Dewani: new extradition hearing over Anni murder

Wed 3 Jul, AT 14:50

Fresh call for Briton accused of killing his wife on honeymoon to be sent to South Africa

Row over Mandela grave deepens as children are re-exhumed

One-Minute Read
Thu 27 Jun, AT 10:08

As 94-year-old lies in hospital, bodies of his children are set to be dug up and moved again

Nelson Mandela's will divides estate worth £2.5m

One-Minute Read
Mon 3 Feb, AT 15:35

Mandela's will splits his estate between family, schools, staff and the ANC

England destroy South Africa, but will they choke in final?

First Reaction
Thu 20 Jun, AT 13:00

Questions remain over England's ruthlessness after they almost let South Africa off the hook

Oscar Pistorius's sister denies prison rules broken on birthday

Oscar Pistorius: Judge Masipa dismisses defence appeal

One-Minute Read
Fri 13 Mar, AT 09:32

Case will now go to supreme court of appeal where prosecution will say Oscar Pistorius should be convicted of murder

Nelson Mandela

World asked to pray as Nelson Mandela returns to hospital

One-Minute Read
Thu 28 Mar, AT 10:49

Concerns for South African ex-president as he is treated for lung infection

Taxi driver dies after police drag him behind van - video

Thu 28 Feb, AT 15:41

Mido Macia, 27, dies of head injury as footage emerges of him being handcuffed to a police van