South Africa

Charlize Theron reminds us of a shameful episode in our history

Wed 11 Dec, AT 09:30
Crispin Black

Some of the excesses of the apartheid era derived from British military tactics against the Boers

Obama finds his voice with a magnificent tribute to Mandela

Tue 10 Dec, AT 15:54
Annalisa Barbieri

Too many leaders claim solidarity with Mandela's struggle, but don't tolerate dissent, says US president

Nelson Mandela news

Mandela's memorial a 'security headache' for South Africa

One-Minute Read
Mon 9 Dec, AT 09:40

Public is free to turn up at huge event attended by 50 world leaders and a host of celebrities

Nelson Mandela: Where will he be buried?

One-Minute Read
Fri 13 Dec, AT 14:15

Former president will be laid to rest next to his relatives in 'modest' Eastern Cape province village

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman: why it's wrong to hate US lion killer

Talking Point
Thu 21 Nov, AT 11:15

Global condemnation of US hunter is 'sexist' and misplaced say South African commentators

Nelson Mandela biopic premieres in South Africa

First Reaction
Mon 4 Nov, AT 12:37

‘Emotional’ film starring Idris Elba has audience in tears, but critics express doubts

Shrien Dewani

Shrien Dewani: new extradition hearing over Anni murder

Wed 3 Jul, AT 14:50

Fresh call for Briton accused of killing his wife on honeymoon to be sent to South Africa

Row over Mandela grave deepens as children are re-exhumed

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Thu 27 Jun, AT 10:08

As 94-year-old lies in hospital, bodies of his children are set to be dug up and moved again

Nelson Mandela's will divides estate worth £2.5m

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Mon 3 Feb, AT 15:35

Mandela's will splits his estate between family, schools, staff and the ANC